About Us


Family-farm values. Roots matter.

That’s us two on the left. Just hanging out in a field. Our field. We grew up driving John Deere tractors from sunrise to sunset, cruising up and down dirt roads in old pickup trucks and having Grandpa teach us how to fix the machinery when it broke down. It was the best.

Flash-forward to today and that hard-working, fun-loving, open skies experience of our childhoods has led us to creating Mazur Farms.

We are a business set on improving lives by creating the healthiest, most nutritious organic products we possibly can.

As farmers, we have a keen understanding of what makes for great agricultural practices (which makes for great quality products!) and only source from partners that we know care deeply about sustainability: for us, this includes not only environmental sustainability, but the activities of that farm or supplier engages in that builds the sustainability of their local communities.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, explore our website, check out our brands or get in touch!

The Mazur Brothers.


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